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Shonandai Gallery is a contemporary art gallery opened in 1987 in Shonandai, Kanagawa. 
Its primary focus is to present the new work of national and international contemporary artists in diverse media. 
We focus on the quality of the artwork and the artists' exceptional talents.
Shonandai Gallery has been growing with its customers as well as artists.  We provide a space to foster knowledge, communication, and sensitivity regarding the arts. 
Our exhibitions have successfully introduced numerous talented artists since we opened our gallery.
Shonandai Gallery opened Shonandai MY Gallery as a branch gallery in Roppongi, Tokyo in January, 2008.
Then, “s+arts (splusarts)” was launched in January 2019
  We would like to show a different aspect of our peculiarity at Shonandai MY Gallery.
Director  Michiko Yamamoto